Paris weekends something for everyone?

".. the ultimate city break"

If you like London, you’ll love a Paris city break! There are many similarities, but also as the French would say, “vivre la difference!” The rich history and culture, amazing architecture, sights,  sounds and smells hit your senses from dawn ’til dusk, providing the visitor with the ultimate city break destination. You could easily theme your  break to cover just sport, or gastronomy, or art, or sightseeing, or museums or theatre, or.. you get my drift? So my recommendation is to sample a little of everything and keep going back for more!

If you have not visited the French capital before, then the best advice I can give you is to buy a two-day city tour bus pass. These ubiquitous open top buses tour most of the major attractions. You can jump on and off to suit yourself! On my last visit the bus route had a stop near my hotel, so I would jump on the bus take in a few more sights and sounds and alight close to my Paris base, thus saving money on taxis.

If I take a beach holiday, I like to stay in as good a hotel as my budget will allow, but on a city break, a central, clean modest hotel suits me fine. My family and I like to sightsee all day, followed by an evening excursion or a long relaxing meal, then fairly early to bed before more of the same the following day, so we don’t spend much time in the hotel.

Speaking of evening excursions, I can recommend the Bateaux Mouches river cruises with dinner, as a memorable and enjoyable evening excursion. Gliding down the Seine, with the sound of classical music playing, somehow creates a special moment to be cherished.

If you have children and the sightseeing bug is something that they haven’t yet quite caught, then you have the option to spend a day at Disneyland Paris. It’s about 1 hour’s coach ride from the city or 35 minutes by the RER (express train), which takes you to “Marne-la-Vallee” station, just a short 5 minute walk from the main entrance to the Disney Parks.

So if it’s art, music, architecture or Mickey Mouse, Paris is the perfect city break for everyone.


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