New Mega-ship ordered by P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises have just announced that it has placed an order with its parent company Carnival Corporation for the construction of its largest ever ship.

The ship will be able to carry 3,611 passengers, which will be 600 berths more than the current largest ships in the fleet the Ventura and Azura. When I first started selling cruises in the early 70’s the largest ship in the P&O fleet was the Canberra and at that time a ‘giant’ 45,000 tonne cruise icon that many people thought was as large as cruise ships would go, however this yet to be named goliath will be a 141,000-tonner almost 100,000 tonnes larger than Canberra!

The innovative new ship is due to enter service in March 2015. Carnival has stated that the ship will begin “an exciting era for P&O Cruises”. It went on: “The ship will offer a stylish and innovative new design and an unprecedented number of passenger facilities, along with many of the brand’s classic and iconic features.”

This new ship order is an indication of the strength of the ex UK cruise market and the confidence of P&O. I am pleased to see that the company is not resting on its laurels and that it is continuing to invest in the British cruise market and protecting its position as the country’s favourite cruise line.


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