Hot Air from Disneyland Paris!

Eurodisney the company behind Disneyland Paris have teamed up with French energy company Dalkia  to provide an innovative source of heat.  As we all know, computers get hot and require fans to keep them from overheating.  So imagine the heat generated by air conditioners to keep large scale data centers cool, this heat generation will be captured by Dalkia and transmitted  to a nearly 6,500,000 square foot heating network.

A little bit of magic from Disneyland Paris

The data centers producing the heat are in the Val D’Europe business park, largely owned by Disney, near the Disneyland Paris park itself. Dalkia have estimated that the plan, set to start early next year, will save around 5,400 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year.

I wonder if they could capture all the hot air generated in our office, we could keep the whole of Yorkshire warm!

Anyway thanks to Mickey and friends,  I’m feeling so green I’m going to walk to work today and whistle ” Jippity do dah” all the way there!

(I know, I know, I work from home but I’ll still whistle!)

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