Biofuel good or bad?

Yesterday Travel Empire clients were aboard a Thomson Airways flight with over 230 other passengers that flew to Lanzarote.  This aircraft was powered in one engine by Biofuel.  ( I wonder if they informed the nervous flyers!).

Thomson operate first ex UK flight powered by Biofuels.

According to Travel Weekly, The four-hour flight from Birmingham to Arrecife used a 50% blend of hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids (HEFA) mixed with jet fuel in one engine of a Boeing 757. The fuel is produced by Dutch company SkyNRG.

The airline are hailing the flight as a ‘landmark’ moment in aviation history but a spokesman for Friends of the Earth dismissed the flights ‘green potential’ he said : “Biofuels won’t make flying any greener – their production is pushing up food prices and wrecking rainforests.”

Let us know your thoughts on this development and do you believe it will help the planet??

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