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Dream Gran Castillo Resort

I do find that choosing a hotel and even more difficult recommending one is very subjective, a little bit like restaurants, you may have a poor experience and never wish to go back whilst everyone else you speak to have had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return!

So with this in mind I like to keep my eye on the review sites such as Trip advisor and Holiday watchdog to see if there is any trend starting one way or the other. These type of sites have been critisied recently as bogus reports from phantom customers or competition hotels have filed terrible reports to put off would be customers. I think a good idea with these sites is to ignore the two worst reports and the two best ones to get a better feel, plus take a look at the overall scores for a more rounded indication of the hotels quality. Another tip is to keep an eye on the dates customers travelled, many can be two or three years old when a whole different set of staff may have been insitu for example.

I am always interested in how our favourite hotels are doing and with this in mind I was intrigued to see the poll below rating the best hotels in Lanzarote on the Discover Lanzarote website, the current voting is as follows:-

1) Princesa Yaiza

2) Volcan Lanzarote

3) Hesperia Lanzarote

4) DreamPlace Gran Castillo

5) Gran Melia Salinas

6) Hotel Villa Vik

7) Dream Place Castillo Papagayo

8) Gran Hotel Arrecife

It is interesting to note that the Dream Castillo hotel is now marketed as one large resort and the combined votes would have moved this property into 3rd Place.  These votings are very much inline with our own customer feedback and personal inspections with a special mention to the Dream Gran Castillo Resort which is definitely trending upwards!

If you have had great service and a wonderful holiday hotel experience we would be delighted to hear from you!


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