Majorca Party or Paradise?

Beach at Palma Nova Majorca

Say the word ‘Majorca’ to people that haven’t visited the island, or indeed plenty that have, the image of sun, sand and a spot of binge drinking is brought to mind. The party resorts of Palma Nova and Magaluf have their followers, fun-seeking holidaymakers who wish to sunbathe and party for their annual two weeks holiday and they do a brilliant job of fulfilling that desire!

These resorts have catered for mass market visitors for almost 50 years and have made this part of the island a ‘home from home’ for British tourists, providing the things that these visitors demand. They include British pubs, entertainment and eateries of all types. If this is what you want from your holidays and don’t knock it millions do, then these resorts fit the bill admirably. However, Majorca is a place of many contrasts and has an abundance of holiday alternatives that can fulfil even the most discerning visitor.

If you say the word ‘Majorca’ to a Spaniard, then the image of the island is completely different. They think of the island as very ‘up market,’ a desirable place to visit, where the king of Spain has a home and is often in residence. An  island blessed with amazing historical sites and architecture, with a coastline decorated with beautiful resorts, deserted coves and chic marinas.

You only have to move a few miles from Palma Nova and Magaluf and their German and Eastern European equivalents on the bay of Palma (Arenal and C’an Pastilla) and you could be in a different country.

The island’s resorts all have their own unique flavour, some are influenced by certain nationalities, some are simply geared for families, beachlife,  the yachting fraternity or simply quiet relaxation and tranquillity. The rugged western part of the island is home to several quiet resorts such as Andraxt, Valldemossa, Deia and Soller, many of which have developed from simple fishing villages to modern marinas and harbours.

In the north of the Island there is a large mountainous region called the Serra de Tramuntana. Many of the region’s best known beach resorts such as Pollensa at the north western tip of the island, and the larger neighbouring commercial resort of Alcudia have this marvellous mountain range as their backdrop. This part of the island has a variety of holiday resorts, including the quiet cove at Cala San Vicente. Cycling and walking holidays are particularly popular in this area

If you have the budget, Majorca also boasts some incredible hotels. You can lounge in a presidential suite and enjoy world class Spa treatments to boost body and soul, or just luxuriate in a small boutique hotel, laze by a tranquil pool and have attentive waiters serve you cocktails with the merest nod of your head.

Beach resorts along the east coast of the island benefit from beautiful sands and a warm summer climate. There are many Calas (coves) to explore and an abundance of resorts ranging from just beach to chic. Likewise Majorca hotels and accommodation range from simple hostals to 5 star luxury.

If the beach isn’t your thing, a city break to Palma deserves a dedicated holiday to do justice to the treasures to be found here, from the architecture of the amazing gothic cathedral to the medieval streets housing authentic tapas bars and quaint shops. The Palma to Soller train has got to be one of Majorca’s best excursions, an outstanding rail journey that cumulates with a tram ride into Port de Soller ~ marvellous!

Palma Cathedral

Majorca’s holiday season lasts from May to October and with Palma Airport only 2 to 2 and a half hours flying time from most UK airports, the convenience of this destination should not be discounted, nor should the beauty, tranquillity or quality of its resorts. Maybe next time you hear the word ‘Majorca,’ you’ll think like a Spaniard!



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