Where to go in May? Bargains and Holiday Ideas

May is a brilliant month to take your holidays! There are several compelling reasons to take your holiday in May. Firstly, price, for short haul Mediterranean destinations the tour operators summer season has just begun, with many resorts contracted at the same capacity in May, as in July and August, without the numbers to fill them, so to attract customers to the already secured flights and accommodation, the price comes down. This lower price has a knock on effect, to the ‘low cost airlines’ and so you see price reductions and sale weekends etc. with most of them too.

If you are travelling without children, the first 3 weeks of the month represent the best value with bargains galore! If you must travel at Spring Bank holiday, at the end of May, then the best value is found by booking a flight and hotel separately, as hotels in Spain and other holiday destinations treat the whole of the month as low season. Also, they do not usually charge a premium for the late May holiday, unlike the airlines and tour operators.

Cyprus - Brilliant choice for a May holiday!


Where to go?

As the weather is warming up nicely in the eastern Mediterranean, our favourite destinations are Cyprus and Greece , which represent an excellent choice at this time of year.

The Canary Islands are a great option at anytime of year, but with bargain prices about, they too represent that winning combination of good value holidays and lovely weather!

Portugal’s Algarve is another sparkling winner, with temperatures rising and prices falling! The Algarve is a magnificent holiday destination, mixing modern hotels and resorts, with a great history and a friendly people.

Away from the Med and the Canaries, the far away destinations offer some amazing holiday experiences in May. The Bahamas climate is just perfect in this month, with high 20’s temperatures, yet without the humidity that summer brings along.  The Seychelles are another year round destination and in May the spring flowers give the these enchanting islands an even more eye-catching beauty.

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