Winter Holidays – Yes Please!

Winter Holidays – Yes Please!

I would like to put my case forward for taking a sunshine holiday in the winter. Firstly as I have pale skin and freckles I get sunburnt in the bathroom light! This immediately counts out Sharm el Sheikh in July and August or anywhere in the Med or even Scarborough (sometimes). Secondly the number of children running amok around the hotel is reduced to the barest minimum. Please understand,  I’ve nothing against children – mine are perfect!  It’s just everyone elses that annoy me as well as the parents who don’t control them. Thirdly, as there are fewer of us, travellers in winter tend to be more appreciated by bar owners, restauranteurs and hotel staff. We all like to be appreciated and a bit of star treatment goes a long way in the overall holiday enjoyment tick box.  Sporting that lovely winter tan is a self esteem builder down the golf club/pub when everyone else’s holiday is but a distant memory . However, with the false tan epedemic this is not such a winner as it used to be for the ladies, but they still  have fun telling all and sundry that it’s the real thing! As a fully paid up Yorkshireman it would be remiss of me not to mention that holidays in winter are of course cheaper than high season summer holidays and thus you have more money to spend on beer! Oh and the occasional excursion if the weather turns a little inclement. While we are talking money, I’m having a lie down at the moment as I’ve just received my latest gas bill. Turning the gas off for two weeks at the current rate will probably pay for an outward flight to Lanzarote in early December and with prices going up another 18% it could even get me back again too! I wonder if the missus could stay at home wrapped up in a few blankets and then I could almost travel free….!!

I would be interested in your reasons for holidaying in winter, so don’t be shy leave a comment and let me know.





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